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RENT is $199/month when staying 2 or more months. If you only need the crashpad for 1 month, it is $299 for the single month and is limited to availability



RENT is a little more. Call or email me for details about my transportation option! We have flexible options at these IAH Crash Pads for Pilots!

We are a Pilot owned and operated iah crash pads with more than 10 years of experience. We cater to Pilots and offer a peaceful and relaxing environment. We understand the rules and regulations behind FAR 117 and being "fit-for-duty" better than any of the other crash pads in IAH!! 

We have 2 houses being used as a IAH Crash pads that are a quick 5-10 minute drive from IAH. We are one of the only crashpads in IAH that only house Pilots (no Flight Attendants!) All the houses are completely furnished, and have fully stocked kitchen with all the accessories. All houses have washer and dryers that are FREE to use, and include FREE laundry soap. The homes are all equipped with ULTRA Hi-speed wireless internet (Speeds range from 50-100 mpbs download).  We also offer Directv with every channel, including HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starzz etc. Every pilot has their own bed (no hot-beds here!) and plenty of storage space for clothes and other personal items. The Jesse Jones nature preserve park is only a short walk or run away from the houses, and offers many miles of trails! These are the accommodations you are looking for!

Since there is NO public transportation in the IAH area, you either need your own car, or use the transportation option that I can offer you! We charge one flat rate for beds, and won't try and upcharge you for a bottom bunk like many other crashpads do! We also will NOT charge you more for being on reserve!